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Why should you know the carbon footprint of your organization?

September 2014


Today the climate change is one of the most critical environmental and social issues that we are facing. It is known that the human activities are responsible for a great portion of this problem. As a society, the mitigation of the climate change represents a challenge but also an opportunity to move to new sustainable patterns of production and consumption.

Almerix in the "III Foro de Desarrollo Sostenible"

May 2014


We participated in the III Foro de Desarrollo Sostenible on May. We exposed about the Carbon Footprint, what it is and the benefits of calculating it in organizations. 

Mother Earth Day 2014 - "Green Cities"

April 2014


This year, the Mother's Earth Day will focus on green cities, with the goal of mobilize millions of people for a more sustainable environment. Today, more than the half of the world population lives in cities.  As the urban population increase and the effects of the climate change get worst, our cities must evolve.

Climate Change - Greenhouse Gases: Their impacts in the earth surface temperature

April 2014


We invite you to go through these infographics to understand the climate change.

The Silence Revolution

January 2014


Today, words like sustainable, ecological, renewable, green, and the list is too long, are with no doubt in vogue. We talk, write and sell a lot around these concepts, for conviction or not, with reasons or without them, for fashion or with values. 

The carbon footprint is gradually being used in Argentina

December 2013


Although there are only a few wineries that have worked through the concept of the carbon footprint, day after day more wineries are working to reduce their impacts on the environment.

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

October 2013


The Carbon Footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases a person, an organization or a product generates. Is an indicator of the impact of our activities on the climate change.

You can easily know your carbon footprint and take actions to reduce it.

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