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The silent revolution

Today, words like sustainable, ecological, renewable, green, and the list is too long, are with no doubt in vogue. We talk, write and sell a lot around these concepts, for conviction or not, with reasons or without them, for fashion or with values. 

Nevertheless, in the backstage, in the silence a  genuine consciousness is consolidating.


A silent revolution of those who know that we cannot wait for the governments to solve the problems. A revolution of those who are convinced that the change start at home. A revolution of those who know that the capitalism and the kind of consumption associated with capitalism has only one end: depletion. A revolution of those who know that we are all part of the planet, of the earth which is our only home.


We know that the governments have a lot of work to do: instrumentation of energy efficiency plans, the regulation for the land and water usage, garbage management, the use and promotion of clean energy ...


But the change needed is inside each individual. How can you help?


Responsible consumption: There are many things we consider necessary for our daily life which is not. And there are many things we forget about which are essential for our lives. We are receiving constantly announcements,  messages, discounts and images that make us buyers of irrelevant, high energy consumer and not needed products and services. Think before buy. Do I really need what i want to buy? Is there anything I already have that can supply that need?

And if you decide that you really need it, you can have some considerations in mind. Inform yourself, which is the  product origin? Is the company engage with sustainable solutions and products? If you are going to buy an electric product, consider it efficiency. Always prefer local products.


Food: We are what we eat. Prefer fresh food, produced locally, with no preservatives. Do you have some place to have your own vegetables? That will always be an excellent solution.


Reduce garbage: If you separate the garbage most of it can be reuse, so you are reducing. You can do compost with the organic remains. 


Use the water moderately: Fix the artifacts that are not working properly. The rain water can have multiple uses. 


Have you analyze the use of alternative energies? Solar energy for water heating is an excellent solution. There are many options that you can analyze depending on the natural resources available where you live. 


Energy efficiency: Using the energy efficiently. This does not mean not using it, but doing it consciously. Most of the energy at home is used for heating or cooling the air. Select appropriate temperatures in the artifacts. When you turn on the heating or cooling artifacts, be sure to have the windows ans doors closed. 

Always prefer high efficient artifacts. 


There are many things to do. There's no need to wait. You can start the change today. Be part of the silent revolution...

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