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Today the climate change is one of the most critical environmental and social issues that we are facing. It is known that the human activities are responsible for a great portion of this problem. As a society, the mitigation of the climate change represents a challenge but also an opportunity to move to new sustainable patterns of production and consumption. 

Why should you calculate the carbon footprint of your organization?

The climate change originated mainly due to human activities is one of today's greatest challenges.


We can evidence the problem in the transformation on the climate system due to an increase concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This incrementation of the concentrations has been mainly caused by human activities: burn of fossil fuels, deforestation, land use changes, some industrial processes are some examples.


The climate change, due to the nature of the activities which cause it and its consequences and scopes, represents not only an environmental issue but a development issue, with deep impacts in society, economy and ecosystems. 


As a society, the mitigation of the climate change represents a challenge and an opportunity to introduce more rational and sustainable patterns of production and consumption.


Through the measurement, control and reduction of its emissions, organizations can improve the local environmental conditions and their competitiveness at a national and global scale, while they also contribute to solve or mitigate a serious global problem.


In this context, calculate the carbon footprint lets the organization give early responses to consumers, clients and employees. Is one of the first step to set for international certifications which lets the organization to participate in new markets. 


The measurement of the carbon footprint not only causes important economic savings to the organizations, but let them also prepare and work on a long term plan, which is measurable, comparable and which is evolving continually. It is also an opportunity to show the organization ethical and responsibility values. 


To sum up, a company that calculates and reduce its carbon footprint, collaborates not only with the climate change issue, but also helps to disseminate sustainable production patters, strengthening in sustainable development paradigm, educating with its actions.


We invite you to go over this path together. 


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