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Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Knowing and reducing the Carbon Footprint of your organization is possible and important. It lets you know the impact of your organization on the climate change, it helps identifying the hotspots: the greater emissions sources and make well informed decisions to reduce them.


The objective of the following document is to suggest some actions that you can take in your organization to reduce the GHG emissions. These are general suggestions, that can be done in most companies. 


But, it's recommended to have an integrated plan to calculate and reduce your carbon footprint. 


The Sustainable Development needs a wide look, in which not only the financial aspect is take into account, bur also the environmental, social and cultural aspect, too.


To follow the sustainable development way, it is of a great importance to assume a real and grounded engagement, recognizing the corners of the dilemma and its relationships, working on an organizational sustainable plan.


Download the document: How can the Carbon Footprint of your Organization be reduced? 



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