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Home efficiency

Efficiency : well use of resources (energy, water, land) 

Efficiency can also be applied in all aspects of our daily routine. An efficient home does not mean uncomfortable. It satisfies the inhabitants needs using resources in a smart way.

When talking about efficient at home, the ideal is to think about if from the design of the house through all of the next steps. Anyway, there are many thinks you can do at home to improve its efficiency.


The solutions can be really simple, as use curtains, to more complex ones. But in all of the cases the costs are compensated due to savings en electricity bills and better living conditions. 


Orientation: The orientation of the house, is one of the most important points. It is a good idea to analyze how the sunlight will hit your home, in order to take advantage of the natural light, protect the windows and doors from the direct radiation during the hot months and let the sun pass through them during the cold ones. 


Insulation: use insulating materials in the house and double  glass in windows to avoid energy losses. 


Green energy use. The use of solar panels for domestic water consumption and hit is a good choice. You can also think on the alternative of using photovoltaic panels to generate your own electricity. The wind in some locations may also be a good choice for green energy usage. The alternative energies are an excellent option, they do need a special analysis of the possibilities in your locations. Their costs are decreasing day after day.


There is another option to gain or loss some grades of temperature: the use of underground tubes, using the geothermal energy. With this option you can have the whole year a more stable temperature in your house, reducing the amount of energy needed to create a comfort climate inside. 


Another choice to have thermal and acoustic efficiency is the use of green roofs. You will need to pay special attention to the insulation and the type of species to grow.


Water: How are you using the water at home? We now know that water pays a vital role in our  lives, and we need to care about how we use it. There are many options to use water efficiently: toilets with a double discharge system, efficient bathrooms fittings. The rain can also be used in an alternative installation for non-consumption uses, like irrigation, car wash, toilets...


Garbage: This is a very important topic. With a little of effort, you can reduce the amount of garbage significantly. You can compost the reminders of fruit and vegetables, you can find a local point of collection for different materials like plastic, glass, metal. And it is really important that you avoid buying products with too much packaging, preferring always local products when possible.

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